Man! What a turn out for our inaugural Kidabaloo! We really want to thank all of you who came out and enjoyed your day. If you're looking for photos, be patient, find out what's taking us so long.

If you made it out to Kidabaloo, you know we had a packed house! Over 1,500 people attended the event, we actually had to stop selling tickets because the Fruita Community Center was almost over capacity.

Skai Jackson was a hit and such a fabulous person.

She really enjoyed her time with you during our private pizza party that a few of Mix 104.3's Friends with Benefits members got to enjoy!

Did you see the line for the public meet + greet? Holy cow! That's why it's taking us so long to get all the photos up for you and your kids -- over 500 photos needed to be sorted and uploaded.

We really hope you enjoyed your day and can't wait to make this event bigger and better for you next year!