I talked to Disney's Buffy from 'Andi Mack' about using social media to spread positivity. Disney Channel star Sofia Wylie is coming to Grand Junction for Kidabaloo.

Sofia Wylie has experience acting, dancing, singing and more. She's excited about her first Colorado experience this Saturday at Kidabaloo.

One of her favorite projects is being a part of Disney Channel's Andi Mack. She loves the entire cast said it was her first acting role and has grown a lot during the process.

Social Media

Sofia says she loves using social media as a platform to spread positivity. She wants to show that social media doesn't always have to be used for ourselves but for others. Sofia says social media tends to revolve around 'me, me, me.'

She's trying to get to a place where she can make others feel better while going over my page. A lot of people leave social media to leave worse about themselves because they're comparing themselves to something that's unrealistic. I definitely agree with Sofia and think you should be happy with yourself.


Sofia Wylie's advice is to have confidence in yourself. She says she honestly needs to learn it herself. Confidence is key because people will be questioning your ability. "Be completely confident in who you are and what you bring you to the table."

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