I have to say, my very first Kidabloo! this past weekend was a huge success. See all the smiling faces and experience the fun in pictures at my very first Kidabloo!.

Kidabaloo! was this past Saturday at Two Rivers Convention Center. Although it wasn't the first Kidabaloo! it was for me. I could feel the excitement the second I walked through the doors of Two Rivers Convention Center.

People were lining up to meet Miranda May (aka Lou on Disney Channel's BUNK'D) there were balloons, booths, games and bounce houses lining pretty much everywhere. I was hosting the stage so I got a first hand experience of all our awesome performers - from dancers, to Martial Arts performers to a performance of Seussical the Musical.

I even hosted a Pie Eating Contest which was tons and tons of fun. Encouraging people to eat as fast as they can comes very naturally to me. I think another highlight of my first Kidabaloo! was reunited a lost child with their mom. The look on the mother's face was just priceless. I was happy to stop everything I was doing to make sure adorable little two year old boy found their mom. I can't imagine how she felt.

The kids were definitely excited to see Miranda May and so was she. Miranda was extremely nice and down to earth, just like she was in my interview with her a few days before the event. Experience Kidabaloo! in pictures and who knows, maybe you'll see yourself.

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