Players from McLennan Community College in Texas were cited after vandalizing part of the Alcove Nature Trail on the Colorado National Monument. Here is what I have to say about the incident.

Vandalism is never a good thing. I know some people are mad about what happened and I am too. But them not being from here and not knowing that almost everything around here is off-limits and protected land.

I have been reading comments from people that those players need to go to jail for what they did.

I don't believe that should be the case. I think that is too hard of a punishment. The players in question, when asked about it stepped up to the plate and admitted to what they did. Having been up to the Alcove Nature Trail I can understand why they didn't think that was wrong. There are so many names carved into the rock, to them it didn't seem like a bad idea.

I am in no way going to condone what they did,  what those players did was wrong, but they were also punished for it.

I've also read some comments that the team shouldn't be allowed back. You don't punish the whole team for two players that made a mistake.

They feel bad for what they did. So why not use them as a voice in stopping the vandalism. Maybe have those players do a PSA for the Colorado National Monument on why vandalism is wrong.

I believe the punishment fits the crime. What about you?

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