Here is an easy way to make a few bucks from this year's Pork and Hops at Lincoln Park.

As everybody knows, parking is always an issue with any event held at Lincoln Park. The same will be true for this year's Pork and Hops, September 11 and 12.

Considering the fact that there will be thousands of people attending Pork and Hops, and then you add in high school and college football to the weekend, most people can probably plan to walk a ways to get to one of the games or to the music festival.

On Friday night, Grand Junction and Fruita will clash in a great local rivalry, and then on Saturday, Central will play Vista Peak at 11:00 a.m., and the CMU Mavericks will play their first home game of the season at 7:00 p.m. against Midwestern.

The neighborhoods in close proximity to Lincoln Park will be lined with vehicles, for who knows how many blocks. I would propose that the people who live in those neighborhoods could make a few bucks renting out their driveways for parking.

All you have to do is a post a sign indicating your driveway is available for parking, along with the price you want to charge. How much you charge is up to you, but it's going to depend on how close you are to Lincoln Park. Obviously, the closer you are to the park, the more you could charge. I would imagine there are plenty of people who don't want to walk more than a block who would gladly pay 20 bucks to be able to park close.

If you live more than a block away from Lincoln Park, maybe you bring that price down to $5 or $10. If your driveway is big enough, perhaps you could fit two, three, or maybe even four cars in it. With the money you make, you could buy yourself a ticket to Pork n Hops and get in on the festivities.

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