The Hotel St. Regis in downtown Grand Junction hasn't always had that name. This is how the Hotel St. Regis got its name in 1908, the same year this photo was taken.

The hotel's history begins in 1893 when it was built by the Neff family and Anna J. Scott. The hotel opened in 1895 then, was sold to Thomas Chambers in 1902,  who sold it to the Burnetts in 1904.

The Burnetts names it the New Grand Hotel in 1906 and added the west wing, making a grand total of 28 rooms in the hotel. Harry Burnett decided that the hotel's new name just wasn't right and was way too similar to the hotel's original name.

Burnett held a contest to rename the hotel in 1908. 'St. Regis.' was the winning name of the contest and this is how the hotel got its name. Burnett then added the third floor and cupola and an electric sign showing off the hotel's new name, Hotel St. Regis.

The Hotel St. Regis has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1992. The St. Regis building is no longer a hotel but is currently home to numerous retail stores and apartments too.

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