It has been wonderful lately as the past few weeks have felt more like the old normal we were used to prior to the pandemic. Masks have become optional and everyone is excited that events and concerts are coming back. Well, not so fast, according to KKCO and Mesa County Public Health as we are hearing about Grand Junction hospitals being so busy they have had to transfer patients to other hospitals.

It sounds like both Community Hospital and St. Mary's is reaching their limit on patients as Colorado Canyons Hospital says they have accepted patients from both Grand Junction hospitals already. This means hospitalizations for COVID-19 are up, including approximately 40 patients currently hospitalized.

Seeing these numbers increase is something that both Mesa County Public Health and local hospitals will continue to monitor.

COVID-19 Isn't Over Running Grand Junction Hospitals

It's not like we have thousands of cases or even hundreds of cases of COVID-19 here in Mesa County. But the real problem is that COVID-19 is using up approximately 40 hospital beds here in Grand Junction, on top of all the other illnesses and injuries that just normally take place. It can all become overwhelming for hospital staff that has been working hard for months and months.

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There Is No Talk About COVID-19 Restrictions Going Back Into Place Here in Mesa County

Just because there are hospitalizations does not mean we will be rolling out the restrictions again. But if you want to stay in the know about how Mesa County is doing with COVID-19 click here to visit the Mesa County Public Health dashboard.

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