Near Nederland is a moderately difficult hike that you are going to love.

Devil's Thumb Lake is nearly 14 miles long and is one of those trails you can enjoy just about every foot on.

Do you like to watch birds? You will have plenty of opportunities to do that on this trail as well as enjoying nature and great Colorado outdoors.

The length of the trail is only one reason why it's considered a moderate hike. As you go along the trail you will ascend to 2,400 feet and even higher if you decide to go to the summit of the pass. In addition, the trail has plenty of trees, perfect for the shade you will most likely need from hiking.

Make sure you bring plenty of water as well as something to snack on like a granola bar or energy bar to keep you going.

Hike Devil's Thumb Lake
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This dog-friendly trail will offer you and your best friend a day's worth of enjoyment. The best time to enjoy Devil's Thumb lake is from March to October.

With a great number of trails available to hike, this is one you will want to make a special trip for.

It's simply beautiful.

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