If you have a drawer full of mismatched socks- and who doesn't - here is a better idea than throwing them away. Donate them to Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley.

Isn't amazing how you can put 10 pairs of matching socks into the washing machine, but by the time  you wash them and dry them you are left with only nine pairs of socks with a mate  and two socks that just don't seem to belong.

Instead of letting those dead socks take up space in  your drawer while you wait for the mate to somehow magically appear, put them to good use. Donate  your mismatched socks to Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley.

During the month of September, Homeward Bound is conducting it's second annual Lost Sock Drive. The people at the homeless shelter would rather have mismatched socks than socks with holes in them, or no socks at all.

Last  year's sock drive was a huge success, and Homeward Bound was even able to donate some of the socks to The Mission and to  Pathways Village. But, it is time to replenish the sock supply with winter fast approaching.

You can drop off your donation of clean, gently used (no holes) mismatched socks at Homeward Bound on North Avenue or at Benges Shoe Store in downtown Grand Junction.

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