Your last text is the title of your autobiography. Here are some of Grand Junction's craziest autobiography titles.

Making your last ext message the title of your autobiography makes for some really crazy and really funny autobiography titles. Grand Junction has titles from 'I Made the Salad. Should I Start the Fries?' to 'Get the Eff Out' -- which both make for some interesting autobiographies.

  • 1

    "Love You More, Take Care of Yourself"

    Lisa Stevens

    Lisa Stevens' autobiography seems like it would be about how she's a very compassionate person who loves to take care of other people. Her autobiography would depict how good and bad it is being so selfless.

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    "Don't Forget to Pick Up the Biscuits"

    Tracey Thomas

    Tracey's autobiography is "Don't Forget to Pick Up the Biscuits." Her autobiography dives into what it's like to be a member of the cartel, and how she constantly uses food and cooking terms as code words.

  • 3

    "Let the Effery Begin"

    Sara Koch

    Sara Koch didn't use the word effery, but you get the gist. Sara's autobiography goes into great detail about all her debauchery. There's everything from the heart she's broken and her love for fire and destruction.

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