Your last text message is what goes on your tombstone. Grand Junction's tombstones have some pretty crazy stuff on them, let's take a look.

After asking you what your tombstone would say on our Facebook, we got a lot of crazy comments. Let's start with one that will just make you say 'wow.'

There are so many things that could be said about that, but all I'll say is wow, what a tombstone. This next tombstone I can truly relate.

I love food and looking at Spring's tombstone, she does too. I will totally take you up on that lunch offer Spring, in this life or in the next one.

This would be a pretty funny tombstone to see. What did she say uh oh? What was she uh oh-ing about?! There's so much mystery with this tombstone.

I'll go ahead and say that I bet that person never did grow up. And now they've got the tombstone to remind them of it.

My tombstone would include a picture of me and my cat (which I'm very happy about) and it would say:

Say what?! Yeah that's right we both love you baby.

I can only hope that people will yell 'SAY WHAT?!' as loudly as I do.

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