This video is what's wrong with the world today. Like every good mom taught their kids, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

I don't know what made me watch this video when it popped up in my Facebook feed today (Aug. 2), but I'm disappointed in what I saw.

This video looks like it was shot in the parking lot of the Mesa County Human Services building. It's hard to tell what sparked this lady's rant if anything at all.

How could any grown adult stand there and belittle another human being? In front of a kid, no less. Way to be a good person.

Not only did the lady drop a bunch of racists slurs, she also doesn't know what the "language of the world" is. It's definitely not English.

Approximately 1.2 billion people speak Chinese. Coming in second? You guessed it, Spanish, with 414 million people "habla-ing" the language. English comes in third with 335 million people -- that probably includes the people who speak it as a second, third, fourth or fifth language.

She must not realize Colorado is a Spanish word.

I thought this was 'Merica and we could do what we wanted. You know, freedom and stuff. Guess not.

To the individuals that were berated by this lady, I'm sorry on her behalf.

To the lady, I'm sorry for you, too, for whatever made you lash out at these people.

Remember to always #BeAGoodHuman!

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