Less than half of Grand Junction correctly guessed which trail this is. Find out which trail only 40% of Grand Junction could correctly identify.

I love hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. This past weekend I decided to try out a new hiking trail here in Grand Junction. Grand Junction has a whole lot of trails to choose from and I wanted to try one I haven't hiked before.

I took a video during my hike and put it on our Facebook and asked you to take a guess where I was. Watch the video here to see if you can correctly identify which trail I'm on.

After going through all of the responses on our Facebook, less than half of Grand Junction correctly guessed where I was. I was surprised because this is a popular trail in Grand Junction.

60% got it wrong but 40% of Grand Junction knew exactly where I was. And in Grand Junction's defense, the video was only nine seconds. Find out which trail I was hiking by watching the video above.

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