I wanted to check and see how school is going so far since it's the first week and everything. The Grand Junction Spotlight is on a District 51 teacher, Rebecca Kenyon.

Rebecca Kenyon is a sixth and seventh grade Special Education teacher at Fruita Middle School. School is going well according to her, everyone is very excited and positive about the school year.

Rebecca did tell me it's hard to transition from the summer to school mentality. (Especially the getting up early part.) There's less of a routine during the summer so it's hard the first couple of weeks to adjust back into the school routine.

Fruita Middle School has a new principal this year, Jeremiah Johnson. Rebecca and all of the school is excited to have him at their school. She said he's brought some new perspective to the school.

When I asked Rebecca what she was looking forward to this school year she said:

I'm actually in a new position. I'm excited about the change and the growth that this will bring to me personally and professionally.

I hope the excitement and positivity continue through the rest of the school year for Fruita Middle School and all district 51 schools.

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