I've seen Colorado West Aerial Arts performing at the Farmer's Market and I knew immediately that I wanted to try it. I got in touch with the owner, Naomie Weiss, and set up a time to take an aerial arts class.

At first, I was intimidated whenever I walked into a gym with ribbons and hoops everywhere. But as soon as Naomi broke down the moves, it was on. I don't think I've ever had this much fun working out before, ever. Just watch the video above and you can tell.

Naomie got into aerial arts after suffering from a back injury at a Regional Crossfit competition. She's always been an athlete and always been competitive and thought to herself, 'what am I going to to do now?'

Instead of focusing on what she can't do, she focused on what she can do. This is when she found aerial arts. She moved to Grand Junction and found that there was no place to practice, so she opened Colorado West Aerial Arts.

I'm looking forward to going to back for another class. Doing flips and spinning around on ribbons is a whole lot of fun -- plus it's a great workout. Colorado West Aerial Arts is located inside of CrossFit Junction at 2487 Industrial Boulevard.

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