Almost all of us have used the Grand Junction Regional Airport to get out of town and it's actually pretty nice. The employees are all very accommodating and it doesn't take much time for you to get checked-in and to your specific gate. And we're now finding out that our lovely little airport is getting even better.

KKCO was first to report that they are kicking off their flooring replacement project. Construction crews are going to be replacing current tiles with ten different types of flooring. The original flooring was put in some time in 1982 so the upgrade is long overdue.

To make things even more passenger-friendly our airport will be adding more power outlets so people can charge their devices before jumping onto their flights.

The new flooring upgrades will help with the functionality of the airport meaning there will be areas where passengers can specifically stand and wait and others where they're encouraged to keep moving.

The project is going to cost almost one million dollars and is being funded through fees from parking and rental cars.

If you're planning on traveling soon please pack your patience and be courteous of crews that are trying to complete these projects just as soon as possible. And when the job is done our airport will be better than ever.

No word on exactly when this new flooring project and added outlets are expected to be completed but the project is already underway.

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