If you have ever traveled at the Grand Junction Regional Airport, or simply live here in Grand Junction. You know the gift shop called "Open Range".

After serving the airport as a gift shop for 46 years, Open Range is closing it doors. Open range was known by most as the place to get the amazing smile and welcome to those who were flying into or out of the Grand Junction Regional Airport. When I would travel, I would always stop in, grab my goodies, and be greeted with a smile. Those days are coming to an end, and a piece of Grand Junction history is going away.

Having local items from here in the Grand Valley and local businesses in the store, it was a very well known place. People from all over the world, and around the country were introduced to our area, our hospitality, and our items that make us special. It was a way to take the Western Slope with you when you left.

It is always sad to see a piece of history disappear. The reasons for why this is happening had various sides to the story, but the decision has been made.

The Open Range is being replaced by a store called Tailwind Deli. The new deli will be stepping into the airport after the final closing date of Open Range, April 30th.

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