Grand Junction has received a B+ on the website The website aims to help you find a school and neighborhood that's a good fit for you.

According to their website:

Niche report cards are designed to capture what schools and neighborhoods are really like.

These are a few factors that have contributed to Grand Junction's B+:

  • Outdoor Activities: A-
  • Crime & Safety: C+
  • Nightlife: B+
  • Diversity: B+
  • Weather: A-
  • Health & Fitness: A
  • Commute: A

Here are some more factors that contributed to Grand Junction's B+ and what they mean for our grade:

  • 1

    Public Schools


    The C+ impacts the overall grade for Grand Junction. Niche takes test scores, teachers grades, safety, sports, clubs and activities into consideration in determining the schools' grade.

  • 2



    Grand Junction's housing receives a C and I couldn't agree more. The grade is based on home values, property taxes, housing costs, local schools and more, according to their website. The median home value in Grand Junction $205,800 vs the nation median is $178,600.

  • 3

    Good for Families


    According to Niche, Grand Junction ranked #153 out of 228 for best places to raise a family in Colorado. This is determined based on school crime rates, cost of living and family-friendly amenities according to Niche.

  • 4



    Jobs in Grand Junction get a C+ and I'm surprised the grade is that high. Our unemployment rate in Grand Junction is 5.7% and our poverty rate is 18.5%. The median household income is only $45,358 compared to the national median which is $53,889.

  • 5

    Cost of Living


    The median individual income in grand junction is $23,713 and the national median is $26,886. 34% of Grand Junction's population has either attended some college or has an associates degree compared to a 29% average.

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