Have you ever passed by a restaurant in Grand Junction that you've never been to and seen a line of people out the door who are waiting to be seated?

Chances are you are passing a pretty great place to enjoy a meal. Places with great food and excellent service are usually pretty busy. If they are really doing things right, many of us do not mind the wait.

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How Long Will You Wait in Line at a Grand Junction Restaurant?

Jay in Grand Junction told us that he thinks there is not a restaurant on earth that is worth waiting more than 30 minutes to be seated. Do you agree? If you really enjoy the menu at a restaurant, the line out front may not even phase you because you know what's coming. Many have, and we are about to show off these recommendations.

Does Waiting at the Bar Make a Difference?

Going out to eat on a Friday or Saturday night may sometimes mean a line of people waiting to be seated. Some restaurants have seating at the bar for guests lined up in the cue, others offer a few free appetizers while you wait, and some places have live entertainment to keep you occupied while you wait for a table to open.

Restaurants Always Worth the Wait in Grand Junction

We asked you to tell us about a restaurant or two in the Grand Junction area that is so great you simply don't mind the wait. Check out the top 25 answers below.

Grand Junction Restaurants So Good They are Worth the Wait

Can you think of a restaurant in Grand Junction that you love so much you don't mind waiting in line? We all probably have 1 or 2 places in mind that we don't mind waiting on. Scroll on to see what people had to say about restaurants in Grand Junction that are simply worth the wait to be seated.

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