Question for our listeners who live in the Monument Village neighborhood in Grand Junction...have you seen any mountain lions lately?

Shout out to Brenna Fowler on Facebook for sharing the video of this kitty that must have snuck out of someone's house, right?

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Mountain Lion near Monument Village

Brenna shared her video a few days ago, and it shows the cougar/mountain lion eyeing a nearby swimming pool. She is zooming in from an unspecified distance.

Who Should You Call If You Encounter Wildlife in Your Yard?

Most of the time an animal like this is likely to leave as quickly as it came. The best practice is probably not to pursue them or follow them around outside filming them. Now, easier said than done, right? It would be a good idea to consider calling the Grand Junction Parks and Wildlife office at (970) 255-6100 to report something like this.

Can You Shoot a Mountain Lion on Your Property in Colorado?

Statute 33-3-106 of Colorado's Nuisance Wildlife Laws says that the only acceptable condition for shooting a bear or mountain lion that is on your property is if it is threatening the life of another human, livestock, or motor vehicle. As the statute is written, shooting a bear or mountain lion to protect your dog or laptop is NOT permitted.

How Did the Monument Village Neighborhood React?

Scroll through Grand Junction's reaction to the mountain lion in the comments below. Very cool that most of the residents understand these animals lived there first. Who wouldn't want to walk near a swimming pool on a 100-degree day anyway?

Grand Junction Reacts to a Mountain Lion in Monument Village

Check out the reaction from residents living in the Monument Village neighborhood who noticed a mountain lion wandering through their yards during the past week.
Residents who spot bears or mountain lions in residential areas can contact the Grand Junction Parks and Wildlife office at (970) 255-6100.

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