The police force of a small Colorado town has called it quits.

According to a press release from the Baca County Sheriff's Office, the town of Springfield, Colorado has recently lost its entire police force in a matter of days.

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Springfield Police Department Was Very Small

While losing a city's entire police force may seem like startling news, the squad wasn't very big, to begin with.

In fact, Springfield Police Department only lost two officers and their Chief of Police.

Why Did All of Springfield's Officers Quit?

Supposedly the two officers have accepted positions elsewhere while the Chief of Police cited personal reasons for their departure according to a press release from Mayor Tyler Gibson.

No acts of malfeasance are said to have led to the officer's departures.

Who Is Protecting Springfield, Colorado?

Since Springfield is currently without officers,  the Baca County Sheriff’s Office will be in charge of law enforcement.

This will allow Springfield to find and hire qualified candidates while keeping its residents safe.

The following warning was also posted in the release:

We also want to make this message very clear to anyone thinking this is an opportune time to commit crimes or victimize anyone in Baca County. You are free to test that assumption at your convenience, however we will warn you, the community is fed up with it, law enforcement will be here in force, they will exhaust every resource at their disposal in finding you, the lights are always on at the Baca County Jail and we still have a few bunks available.

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