Oh man, this guy has exactly the right attitude to deal with these people. His name is Riyadh K, and he was shocked when he found that the Westboro Baptist church had commented on one of his youtube videos. Their comment, "This is what happens when the [explitive] enablers turn the country to the [explitive]. These people are going to hell".

So, Riyadh was intrigued and wanted to ask them how he might make some changes.

He asks her everything from if he wears terrible workman's pants, burns all of his lady gaga records and promises to never listen to a Taylor Swift song again, if it will help his chances of heaven.

I have to say that this video, first of all, is not mocking Christianity, it's merely mocking the people at this one specific church. If you talk to most normal Christians, they will tell you that NO ONE backs this church or agrees with them, in fact, most of them despise these people. Check out this video, though, it's hilarious!

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