I enjoyed every single sugar-exploding cereal when I was a kid and now I can enjoy them again but as cupcakes!!

I was recently searching the web for different cupcake ideas and I stumbled upon some very interesting flavors that took me back to my childhood.

Have you had a Captain Crunch cupcakes? If not, they are a must try!

So many sugary cereals are being transformed into cupcakes these days, I decided to give you my top five cereal-flavored cupcakes.

Facebook/Bakers Boutuqe
Facebook/Bakers Boutuqe

Captain Crunch -- truly a sugar delight and very easy to eat more than one!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes
Pinterest User sarahh611

Cinnamon Toast Crunch -- pretty sure these are like eating heaven!

Fruity Pebbles Cupcakes
Pinterest User mjjw

Fruity Pebbles -- I have made Fruity Pebbles as rice crispy treats and they turned out amazing! I bet as cupcakes it would be over the top!

Cocoa Puffs Cupcakes
Pinterest User charlenek

Coco Puffs -- can you say a chocolate blast!

Luck Charms Cupcakes
Pinterest User ThatHousewife

Lucky Charms -- we all eat the 'lucky' marshmallows so why not enjoy in a cupcake!

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