The results of a week long Olathe Sweet Corn survey have been compiled and here's what it revealed about Grand Junction's corn on the cob preferences.

The survey questions asked people how they cook, top and eat Olathe Sweet corn.

Two of the questions, cooking, and eating gave respondents popular choices. The third question about toppings was open to any response.

  • How Do You Cook Your Olathe Sweet Corn?

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    Most picked the traditional cooking methods. But, there were also those who felt less conventional cooking made for great corn on the cob

    • Boiled - 61%
    • Roasted/Grilled - 28%
    • Steamed - 6%
    • Microwave - 5%
    • Raw/Uncooked - 0%
  • How Do You Top Your Olathe Sweet Corn?

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    Those surveyed could name any and all toppings they put on their corn. Three basic ingredients were far and away the most popular.

    • Butter  - The unanimous choice of all respondents.
    • Salt - Nearly unanimous with most saying they sprinkled it on.
    • Pepper -  Almost as popular as salt

    Other toppings mentioned -  Parmesan cheese, chili powder, seasoned salt, Cajun seasoning, garlic salt/garlic butter

  • How do You Eat Olathe Sweet Corn?

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    Over half of those surveyed eat their way from one end of the cob to the other and repeat until they're all the way around.

    The rest say there's more than one way to eat corn on the cob.

    • Typewriter Style - 56%
    • Rotary/Around the Cob - 24%
    • Stripped Off of the Cob - 12%
    • Random - 8%
    • Don't Eat It - 0%