Exotic animals are living inside of Mesa Mall in Grand Junction. And here are the pictures and videos to prove it.

The Children's Nature Center houses over 150 animals, right inside of Mesa Mall. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a 5-foot long iguana, fish that spit water into the air and some of the biggest snakes I've ever seen.

The snake below is actually a celebrity. Sunshine was Michael Jackson's pet at his Neverland Ranch. He weighs over 70 pounds and was also featured in a Britney Spears music video.

The pictures above show just a few of the exotic animals living inside of Mesa Mall. There's an axolotl, which is able to regenerate any and all of its limbs. There a parrot that looks like a stuffed animal, a stingray, a starfish and a cowfish.

The Children's Nature Center inside Mesa Mall also has the cutest turtle I'ever seen called a pig nose/river turtle, a 5-foot long iguana and a 25-year old tortoise who has his own playpen.

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