Downtown Grand Junction posted that a big announcement is coming on Thursday morning. Here are Grand Junction's guesses and my guesses for what's coming to downtown Grand Junction.

Downtown Grand Junction's Facebook doesn't give us too many clues as to what it could be. It's just an aerial shot of Main Street but that's alright because now we can let our imagination run wild.

Who could it be now? (Like the song.) I've got a few guesses for what's coming to downtown Grand Junction:

  • Maybe it's a new street name (since Grand Junction seems to love those)
  • Or another jewelry store
  • They could really be setting us up for a big surprise and unveiling a marijuana dispensary
  • It could be another ice cream or coffee shop (and if that happens, I'm not complaining)

Grand Junctionites are showing how they really feel about with their suggestions. This first one started as a joke, but it didn't end as one.

The thread goes on to talk about taxes and parking and instead of looking at that, let's look at another Grand Junctionite's thoughts. Just one question, what kind?

I don't know who Mimi is, but it seems like her bread pudding is world renowned.

There were may guesses that there's a new hotel coming or renovations for the Avalon and Two Rivers Convention Center. What do you think is coming to downtown Grand Junction?


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