We've spoken a lot about Delta, recently, and how it basically encapsulates my love for small towns, as well as how it's often overlooked when people talk about the Western Slope. I like Delta, and I don't care who knows it.

However, I've come across a list that flies in the face of everything that I've been saying about Delta. According to this data, Delta is actually one of the worst places to live in Colorado, and unlike my anecdotal genuflecting; these folks have numbers to back up their opinions.

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Using metrics like crime rates, education quality, and housing affordability, Money Inc.com has put together a list of the top 20 worst places to live in Colorado. Unfortunately, Delta has squeaked into the list at number 19, which I guess would be the second-best of all available options, though it's still small comfort.

Now, where I take issue with Delta's placement on this list is the author's reasoning as to why. You see, while Delta schools are underfunded, and therefore ranked poorly, most of what they focus on is the lack of things to do in Delta when they explain their determination. I will freely admit that Delta doesn't have much to do if you aren't outdoorsy, I don't think that necessarily qualifies it as one of the worst places to live.

On the plus side for Delta, Grand Junction was ranked number 15 on the list. So if you're in Delta, and down on the fact that you've made this list, you can at least hang your hat on the fact that you're better than they are. If you want to feel even better, check out the worst towns to raise a family in Colorado, in the gallery below.

Thanks to Money Inc. Not to be confused with the former World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions, by the way. It's an easy mistake to make.

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