I know sometimes I live in the past, but geez, we had some really cool stuff that set us apart from everyone else. Take a look at my top five fads I wanna bring back.

Parachute Pants

Ok, this probably wasn't the most creative thing we have ever worn, but when the fad was in, we were all in! Apparently there are places you can still purchase parachute pants, I'm gonna get a pair, who is with me?

LED Shoes for Adults

I love LED shoes, they're so fun! It's not fair that only kids get to enjoy the lighted shoes, I'm pretty sure there are some adults who would enjoy being a part of the fun! I have a pair of these in my closet (of course they don't light up anymore) but when they did, I sure did get looks in the hallways at school! Someone needs to bring these back!

Chia Pets

Tell me you don't still sing that song in your head -- Cha, Cha, Chia! You know you do! Nothing was more of a challenge than making your Chia grow! The problem I had was keeping it alive. I want a second chance!

Bikes with Banana Seats

Oh yeah! We were sporting the looks and riding in style with these bikes. If you were a part of the "in-crowd," you definitely rode a bike with a banana seat. Girls loved them and us guys used to spray paint our bikes and make them stand out.

McDonald's McNugget Buddies

These were the most awesome thing to curb your hunger, and they also came as a toy in the Happy Meals. I almost felt guilty eating them! They were so cute on TV!