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With the weather still being extremely hot and the kids getting closer and closer to being back in school. It's time to cool off and have some fun at these Colorado water parks.

What kid, or adult, doesn't like a good water park? My girls would stay in a water park day and night if you would let them.

I chose just a few water parks around Colorado for you to choose and head on over to and have a good time.

Pirates Cove has something for kids of all ages. A nice leisure pool for the smaller kids and for those who just want to relax in the water. If you are feeling up to it stand underneath the bucket that dumps 800 gallons of water on top of you. If you're looking for water slides, don't worry, they do have them and a competitive pool for those who have a little more energy. They also have a 35-foot slide tower to get your blood flowing.

Clear Creek Whitewater Park is for the more faster pace of life kind of crowd. It has three different levels for each persons skill set. The bottom level is for the more extreme drops and wakes. It has blocks worth of whitewater fun in one area. You can also bring the kids if you wanted to. A good way to get them use to the fast pace of the river!

Water World is the biggest water park in Colorado so it, of course, makes the list. This park has so much to do you will never get bored. Give the Skyline Speed Slides a try. Especially if you like speed. They even have the wave for those who can't make it out to the ocean to surf. They have so much to do here I can't even name it all it would take to long.

The Old Town Hot Springs is meant for the whole family. You can relax and feel the hot natural water make your bones feel better. If you wanted to do more than that, take a trip down one of the two 230 foot water slides. Not to mention they have a climbing wall in the deep end of the hot springs. Try your hand at the aquatic obstacle course. See how fast your time is.

Glenwood Whitewater Park is the first man-made white water park to be built on the entire Colorado River. It is open year round but the best time is before school starts. That way your kids can have some of that white water fun as well. Bring out your kayaks and get wet. This is a place I know I want to go and try out before school starts.

It is time to take a trip to a water park, make sure to have that sunscreen and make some memories before school begins.

This content is brought to you by our partners at Bananas Fun Park. Bananas invite you to their newly opened water park, Coconut Cove. In addition to their already fun activities, now Bananas offers a place to cool off on a hot summer day.

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