**Each week I’ll feature fun activities you and your kids can enjoy for the rest of summer vacation.

It is now a week closer to when our kids go back to school. Finding the time to go anywhere that isn't within a half hour might be a little difficult.

So if that is the case why not spend the money you have on water and sunblock and take the kids for a hike?

It gets them outside in the fresh air and gives you the time that you want to spend with your kids.

Check out these few places to go for a nice hike with this kiddos.

The Old Gordon Trail is an easy trail that you can take your kids on. Just make sure that they stay away from the ledges. It is a 4-mile hike so feel free to turn back if the kids start getting too tired. The views though will make the hike worth it.

Canyon Rim Trail is short and easy. Perfect to take your kids on. It's just a level trail that takes only about an hour to complete. Maybe a little longer because of the short steps the kids are taking. The views on this trail are stunning and you and the kids won't have to hike long to see it.

The Corn Lake River Trail is a 6-mile long trail along the Colorado River. The trail itself is paved and meant for use by everyone. If you have dogs this is a perfect place to bring your animals on a walk while spending time with the family. You can't beat that!

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