It could cost you big time if your vehicle isn't set to drive in the mountains in Colorado.

Lately, I've had to take this long drive to the Front Range more times than I'd like to admit. I love the drive, I really do but honestly lately it's been pretty rough.

The weather has been a challenge lately and the roads can be very dangerous.

It's certainly in your best interest to be prepared and have the necessary items on you and your vehicle. That way when the traction laws are put in place it's no big deal.

Unfortunately, that might be an issue for some. Perhaps there's a lack of money, time, or frankly just not thinking about it.

I must admit that it surprised me seeing the signs that were posted when the traction law was put in place on one of my drives.

Two different signs back-to-back that stated snow tires, chains, and/or 4WD are a must from this point on.

According to CDOT if a driver has inadequate equipment on their vehicle you could be charged more than $650.

Next sign that I saw read fines of $1,157 would be given for blocking traffic. Traction Law in effect. Holy buckets! That is insane.

I understand it's for our safety and the safety of others, but wow I feel bad for people that can't afford snow tires or aren't familiar with Colorado's unforgiving roads at times.

My advice would make sure you know the laws here in Colorado it could end up saving you money in the long.

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