In one of the most beautiful areas in all of the Rocky Mountains lies Lizard Head Peak. This volcanic pinnacle rises 13,000 feet and is a view only the very few have seen.

Most, however, are fine with not attempting a climb that was once considered impossible.

Albert Ellingwood was the first one to make the peak in 1920 and he did it without all of the things current day climbers use. Only those who are used to climbing difficult areas are willing to take that climb. Add in the fact that the climb itself is one of the most difficult in the state with a rating of 5.8+ and it's no wonder most just hike around it.

Most prefer the amazing trails all around. Lizard Head Trail and Cross Mountain Trail end up at the same place, with amazing views on either one. Surrounded as they are with the beauty of the Rocky Mountains it's a hike well worth taking in the spring.

The hikes themselves are not short in duration and it is recommended you bring a bike along for the return trip unless you don't mind hiking back to your car for 2 miles along the highway.

For the climber as well as the hiker, this has to be a go-to destination in Colorado.

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