Winter storms made their presence known on Tuesday evening in several parts of the state. Motorists in some parts of Colorado had a fairly treacherous ride to work this morning according to the images coming down from the CDot traffic cameras around the state.

While we watched these storms pass right over the Grand Junction and the Grand Valley on Tuesday evening at dusk, they sure did a number on mountain passes all over the state.

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Winter Storms Bring Snowfall to Highways Across Colorado

Plenty of roads started the day covered in snow in multiple parts of the state with additional snowfall possible over the next 24 hours. Did you know you can access the CDot traffic cameras anytime you want road conditions? You probably did, but maybe you don't have the link? I got you. Here it is:

Winter Storm Dumps Snow on Colorado's Mountain Passes and Highways

Wait till you see how the roads over at Wolf Creek Pass looked this morning. They got a ton of snow down at the New Mexico border, and we will check the Vail, Breckenridge, and Crested Butte areas as well. Let's see who got the most snow, and which roads looked the worst.

Travel Alert: See Colorado's Snow Covered Roads From Around the State

Scroll through this morning's photos from traffic cameras around the state that show off the snowfall and hazardous travel areas around the state.

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