It's time for some Rainbow Trout T.V. Check out the January arrival at Colorado's Ridgway State Park.

The video below comes from Colorado Parks and Wildlife and features a restock of the reservoir at the State Park which is only about 20 miles south of Montrose, Colorado.

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Colorado's Ridgway State Park Reservoir Restocked with Trout

Head down the Million Dollar Highway en route to Ridgway Reservoir in a few months, and you'll find some of these rainbows will start growing into larger trout by the time the summer fishing season comes. Colorado uses a fleet of trucks and small planes to restock lakes and reservoirs and pages like this one are a good place to keep an eye out for fishing conditions and restock info like this video.

Why Are Rainbow Trout the Fish of Choice in Some Colorado Lakes?

Trout can thrive and feed in cold and shallow water during the winter months, and they are often a popular choice for restocks. Some comments from Colorado fishermen under this video ask for a larger variety of fish. In many ways, the reservoir itself has a say in what can be stocked just by its size and depth. The fisheries who deliver the trout manage about 90 million fish every year in Colorado.

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