Fishing in Colorado is a chance to enjoy our lakes and reservoirs, but also Colorado's many rivers which are the perfect place to fish. It's a past-time you can enjoy all year if you don't mind the elements, and it's a great way to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds our state has to offer.

What are the most common types of fish found in Colorado, and just which ones get the largest? Scroll on for a look at the fish that get the largest in Centennial State.

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Colorado's Small Fish

Colorado is home to plenty of smaller Sunfish and Bluegill which tend to like slower-moving waters in lakes and ponds. They like to swim near structures and are often found close to shore. Golden Trout and Brook Trout are also some of Colorado's smaller fish usually under 15 inches. A 26-inch brook trout was reeled in right here in Colorado only last year, so there are a few known to be 'not so small'.

Colorado's Bigger Fish

Brown and Cutthroat trout, whitefish, and chubs are all fish that can grow up to about two feet, and sometimes larger. Lakes in eastern Colorado like the Spinney Mountain Reservoir and the Eleven Mile Reservoir are often mentioned as some of the best places for trout fishing in Colorado along with several rivers.

The Largest Fish Found in Colorado

There is nothing like reeling in a Colorado catfish. Several types can be found in Colorado's lakes and rivers which can get pretty big. Colorado's giant flathead catfish can be larger than four feet in length weighing 30 pounds. Some Blue catfish can get to five feet long.
Some of Colorado's lake trout can get pretty big too. One of the longest was measured at 50 inches.

Check out some of the most common fish you'll encounter in Colorado, and which ones get to be the biggest in the photo gallery below.

Colorado's Biggest Fish Lurking Beneath the Water's Surface

Colorado's rivers, lakes, and reservoirs are home to around 50 native species of fish. In total, there are around 101 species of fish found here. Scroll through the photos below to see which fish grow to be the largest ones found in the Rocky Mountains.

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