Colorado is home to more than 5.8 million residents as of the 2021 census, and the population of our state just keeps on growing. Wanna get away from the crowds? You're in luck because today we are in search of Colorado's most remote lake.

Some of the best trout fishing in Colorado is found in three of the most remote lakes in our state. They are located in the North Park basin near the Colorado/Wyoming border.

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Colorado's North Park Basin

North Central Colorado is home to the North Park basin. This community was established in 1914. The basin is home to communities such as Walden, Cowdrey, and North Park. This huge valley is home to less than a couple thousand residents. Located in Jackson County, the North Park basin includes more than 70,000 acres and is home to the Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area.

Colorado's Delaney Buttes Lakes

North Park's sparse population makes the Delaney Buttes Lakes some of the most remote anywhere in Colorado. There are three lakes at the Delaney Butte all are located above 8000 feet. Free camping is available along a portion of the shoreline at the lakes. Here you'll find North, South, and East Delaney Buttes Lakes.

The North Lake has a reputation for gold medal fishing due to the size of the trout found here. The North Platte River, and its tributaries, are also some of the best places for fishing in Colorado.

The Moose Viewing Capital of the World

Walden, Colorado in the North Park basin is known as the moose-viewing capital of the world. With the lakes a part of the Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area, you'll be able to capture some outstanding photos.

Keep going for a look at beautiful North Park, Colorado, and learn a bunch of fun facts about why people love visiting this remote area of the Centennial State.

15 Facts You May Not Have Known About Colorado’s Most Remote Lake

Located high above 8000 feet in Colorado's Jackson County is the North Park basin. Here you'll find more than 70,000 acres of scenery, wildlife, mountain peaks, and some of the best trout fishing in the state. Keep going to learn more about a few of Colorado's most remote lakes, and the community that surrounds them.

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