It's been hard to concentrate lately after news of Chinese spy balloons floating all the way across America over the past week taking photos of our military installations. Living in Colorado was hard enough with all the UFOs. Now I have to look out for spy balloons too?

What if a spy balloon floated over Grand Junction, Colorado? What would it take photos of? Well, forgive us here in the Centennial State if we did not get excited enough for the spy balloon. You see, in Colorado, we've been dupped before my balloon pranks.

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Colorado Remembers the Original Big Balloon Story

It was October 15th, 2009, when most of the state was very concerned about the story of a small boy who flew to nearly 7000 feet inside a homemade balloon. Richard and Mayumi Heene's story spread like wildfire as Coloradans heard this crazy story about a six-year-old boy named Falcon who floated off inside a balloon.

News updates reported seeing something fall from the balloon, and then the search was on for this lost little boy who we all thought had just gone through a horrific experience.

Turns Out Falcon Didn't Take Flight

The homemade balloon was made to look like a flying saucer. After reports of the boy reached authorities, they actually sent out helicopters and all kinds of emergency vehicles to follow the balloon, which took flight in Fort Collins that day, and landed out by the Denver International Airport. By the end of the day the authorities had found out that it was all a hoax and that Falcon had been hiding in his parent's attic the entire time.

Balloon Boy Fallout

Once six-year-old Falcon was determined to be ok, it became time to answer for the manipulation of public servants. Richard Heene served 90 days in prison and was ordered to pay $36,000 in fines. His wife, Mayumi Heene served 20 days in weekend prison. The couple was later pardoned by Colorado Governor Jared Polis on December 23rd, 2020.

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