Living in Grand Junction is not the only choice when it comes to finding a great location to Stand Up Paddle in western Colorado. If you live in Montrose, you actually have 7 really great options in and around the home of the Black Canyon.

Lakes, rivers, and reservoirs located in and around Montrose County offer fun places to SUP while changing up your view by showing off the San Juan Mountain range to the south.

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Where is Montrose, Colorado?

The city of Montrose is located in the county of Montrose. Montrose is located on Highway 50 about 60 miles south of Grand Junction and I-70. There are two locations in Montrose that offer a great SUP experience. You'll find them at Riverbottom Park (Montrose Water Sports Park) and at Chipeta Lake Park.

Remember Your SUP Classification in Colorado

There is one important safety tip to remember when heading out for a day of stand-up paddleboarding. A SUP is classified by the U.S. Coast guard as a vessel in all 50 states. This means each SUP must include a personal floatation device. Any person under the age of 12 must wear this PFD at all times when riding the board.

How Many Places to SUP are Near Montrose, Colorado?

Scroll on to learn more about 7 locations around Montrose, Colorado that make for a great place to stand up and paddle. Keep in mind mother nature controls the water levels, and in Colorado we all know how some reservoirs don't last till the end of summer.

All the Places You Can Standup Paddle Board Around Montrose Colorado

Looking for places in Montrose to get out and paddle? Stand Up Paddleboards are a fun way to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies over western Colorado. While water levels will be highest early in the season, it is possible that some reservoirs dry up by the late summer.
If you are in Montrose and want to SUP, here are several options for getting out on the water.

MORE: Explore Colorado's Most Extreme National Park in Montrose

This extreme National Park features cliffs half a mile high, and some of the oldest rocks anywhere on earth. Scroll through the photos below to see inside this incredible canyon that is home to several fun hikes and breathtaking overlooks.

KEEP GOING: See the Historical Montrose Potato Growers Building

This building from 1908 stands as a monument of the agricultural movement that dominated the Western Slope. The Montrose Potato Growers Building has kept its integrity and is now being restored.

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