Hunting is hot in Colorado. Every season, you can see them: countless numbers of hunting parties, traveling to and from their preferred hunting grounds. They're always in a great mood, unless of course they've come from an unfruitful hunt, but they're always there. Every season.

The mountain lion is quite the hunt, and there are a few places here in Colorado where you can find out for yourself. If hunting a mountain lion is what you're looking to do, don't get too far ahead of yourself, quite yet. There are some strict rules you'll have to follow if you'd like the privilege. You can find out more from Colorado Parks & Wildlife, but we're going to take a quick look at some of the basics.

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First, the Homework...

If you're a hunter aged 18-64, the first thing you'll need to do if you want to hunt a Colorado mountain lion is get a license. Of course, to do that you'll need to complete a CPW course and exam, which I guess means that would be the first thing you'll do, but the license would definitely be in 'Phase 1'. Think Marvel Cinematic Universe here, folks.

You know, I find the idea of hunting fascinating, but to be honest, most things lose me at homework, and this isn't any different. A little too much like the DMV for me, thanks. Besides, the license would end up costing a combined total of around $64 for residents, and more than $360 for non-residents. Sorry, but I have video games to buy, so the mountain lions get another day on Earth.

There are Rules for After Your Hunt, As Well

Let's say you're better than I am, and you actually completed all the steps to get licensed to hunt a Colorado mountain lion. Good for you, but there are still plenty of rules to keep in mind, even after your hunt. It starts right away, too, as you have to notify CPW with the relevant information of your kill within 48 hours, according to reporting from FOX31 in Denver.

If you manage to bag a mountain lion, you must bring that lion to a CPW office or officer for inspection within 5 days of the kill. Extra important if you're in hunting from out-of-state, since you cannot take what you've caught out of Colorado until it has been inspected and sealed. You'll also need to provide a small tooth for age verification.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Those are just a few of the numerous rules that surround hunting Colorado mountain lions. Remember to check out Colorado Parks & Wildlife to learn as much as you can, so you're properly prepared.

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