Colorado's Grand Mesa is one of my favorite features in the Grand Valley. We like to say if Grand Junction has seven wonders, Grand Mesa is certainly near the top of the list.

I've hiked the entire Craig Crest National Recreation Trail loop more than once, I've been fishing on the Grand Mesa, and I've even been a passenger driving up Lands End Road all the way to the observatory.

Still, after all this, I've never been able to get over to one of Grand Junction's favorite restaurants to try the Mesa's 'namesake' breakfast.

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What is "The Mesa" Breakfast at Randy's Southside Diner?

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Skip dinner, and any late-night snaking, and show up hungry for Randy's version of "The Mesa" breakfast. Pancakes at Randy's make all other pancakes look like a fifty-cent piece. I feel like each pancake at Randy's is equal to 4 to 5 pancakes at the golden arches. If you love pancakes, you gotta go for The Mesa breakfast.

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It's almost like a pancake parfait with layers of your favorite breakfast meat in between and a couple of eggs made any style on top.  It looks and tastes amazing, but after only one layer I was already in big trouble.

Can You Finish "The Mesa" at Randy's?

No. No, I can not. It was just sad. I finished all the eggs, and most of the bacon, and somehow went home with two giant pancakes which I promptly ate for lunch later the same day.

More Famous Creations at Randy's

If you love breakfast then Randy's is probably one of your favorite places in Grand Junction. Randy's is home to some of the largest breakfasts in town the Super Biscuit Combo, the Country Fried Steak Skillet, and the Mesa Pancake sandwich.

It doesn't stop there. Randy's is home to what is rumored to be the largest breakfast on the Western Slope - Randy's Lucky 7 Breakfast. It comes with two eggs, two breakfast meats, hashbrowns or home fries, toast, and pancakes or French toast.

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