We are pretty dang lucky to live in the best state in the nation to enjoy the great outdoors and the amazing Colorado scenery. There is much more to explore than mountains though and today we are going to take a look at some of the super fun attractions that are hiding in between some of these mountains and not all that far from Grand Junction.

Great Lakes for Paddling in Colorado

There are more than 4000 lakes and reservoirs in our state, and that means tons of places to get out on the water and enjoy the outdoors. We've put together a photo gallery showing off some of the great places to go if you enjoy paddling.  Kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats are perfect for many of the stops on our list. Some of these lakes do not even allow powerboats, making them an even better fit for your stand-up paddleboat, or just a little more peace and quiet.

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Tell Us Your Favorite Spot to Paddle in Colorado

Anyone who owns a kayak, canoe, or maybe even a pontoon probably also has a favorite spot to go out on the water. If we didn't include your favorite, please tell us about it on our free station app. We can update the list with even more great places to paddle pretty quickly.

14 Lakes Perfect for Paddling in Colorado

Grab the kayaks, paddleboats, or canoes, and hit up these Colorado lakes for fun in the sun!

Top Reasons Why Our Listeners Love Living in Grand Junction

We love living in Western Colorado and so do you. We asked the audience to tell us something they love about living in Grand Junction. Join in. You can use the chat button on our free mobile app to send in your response and we will add it to the list.

Manitou Incline: What To Know Before You Go

The Manitou Incline is a great hike for fitness buffs as well as for average hikers who are up for the challenge. The incline is not easy by any means - but it doesn't have to intimidate either. One thing that can help alleviate some apprehension is knowing what to expect when you go and how to make it happen. I can tell you it is definitely a challenge and a great experience, and I think it should be on every hiker's Colorado bucket list.

American Flags Along Colorado Highway 285

Check out well over 200 flags lining Colorado Highway 285 in Chaffee County.