If you love red rocks, wildlife, and a variety of hiking trails, Roxborough State Park should be a future hiking destination.

Roxborough State Park is 4,000 acres of hiking trails, red rock formations, wildlife, plants and flowers, and amazing views.

This area is definitely for hikers, not bikers. No mountain bikes, pets, horses, or drones are allowed in the park. The upside to that is you're in for a most peaceful hike.

S.E. Lynn

While there are a variety of trails to choose from, the Fountain Valley Loop Trail, 2.2 miles, would be a great option for the casual hiker. In fact, some have described it as more of a walk through nature than it is a hike.

Along the way, you might encounter some deer, birds, or other wildlife. Not to scare you off, but there are signs warning of rattlesnakes, so you want to have some awareness. You'll also want to be on the lookout for poison ivy in the area.

You'll encounter some ruins from an old estate and there are some interpretive signs along the trail that offer insight into the history of the valley.

S. E. Lynn

There is a visitor center and a picnic area, and the easy hike makes Roxborough State Park an excellent option for families.

Roxborough State Park is located southwest of Denver, just south of Chatfield State Park. Of course, it is a state park so an entrance fee is required.