Northern Colorado just got even more bear-able. 10 grizzly bears were relocated from Mendoza Zoological Park and now call the Wild Animal Sanctuary home. The bears were flown from Argentina to Dallas and then driven from the Lone Star state to Keenesburg, Colorado.

Animal Sanctuary Rescues And Shelters Abused And Abandoned Wildlife
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Currently, the bears are undergoing an adjustment period. After that, they will be released into a 50-acre habitat that is said to be the next best thing to living in the wild, according to KDVR. The grizzlies were mostly living in cages with concrete surfaces and one was said to be housed in a pit for 19 years due to escaping at one point in time. Hopefully the grizzly bears will acclimate just fine and they can enjoy the rest of their lives in the 50 acre habitat.


Source: KDVR

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