A woman has been reunited with the black bear she helped rescue. The rescued bear now lives in the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.

Ricki the black bear spent sixteen years in a metal cage outside of an ice cream shop in Pennsylvania. Ricki was living in a small cage with a concrete floor, getting fed dog food and corn by customers. When Kelly Bennett saw this, she filed a lawsuit to get the bear out of there.

Ricki the bear was moved to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, all thanks to Kelly. This bear now has over 15 acres to roam freely, versus a 250 square foot cage.

Kelly traveled from Pennsylvania to the Wild Animal Sanctuary to check on her buddy. And for the first time ever, Kelly got to see Ricki out of a cage. Kelly said this:

I cried a lot it was emotional, I didn't think I would.

She went on to say that she's not sure Ricki knows who she is, but she knows Ricki knows that something great has happened to her.

According to one of the staff members at the Wild Animal Sanctuary, Ricki's move added about 10-15 years to her life. Now Ricki the bear has plenty of space and even have some bear friends to hang with at the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

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