A 10-year-old Colorado child was just released from the hospital after eighteen days. The child from Aurora had both the flu and pnuemonia.

Keyona Richardson was diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia on February 1. The 10-year-old girl had been given the flu shot.

Hours within Keyona being diagnosed, her lungs collapsed and she was put on life support.

Keyona's dad says they're not playing when they tell you to get your flu shot and that:

They all said had she not had the flu shot, and would've got that in conjunction with all the other stuff, ain't no telling.

Keyona is no longer on any machine or medicines, according to KDVR. I can't imagine having to spend eighteen days in the hospital and I imagine it feels much worse when it's your child in the hospital.

Keyona's parents say they're grateful for all the thoughts and prayers and that's why their daughter is a walking miracle.

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