Adventures aren't quite the same for Bullwinkle the moose without his buddy Rocky. Bullwinkle is seen here on the hunt for his partner in crime, Rocky the squirrel.

You never know what Rocky will get himself into, considering he is a crazy flying squirrel. This is why Bullwinkle had to make sure to check inside of this house for his friend.

Since Bullwinkle is a polite and bashful moose, he waits patiently by the front door instead of barging in. He stops and asks the owner of the house if they've seen Rocky and it's a no.

After Bullwinkle checks the place out and talks to the homeowner, he moves on to the next place. The show is called 'The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle' after all.

No adventure is the same without his friend, and I wonder what other crazy situation these two will end up in.

The last time we heard about a Rocky and Bullwinkle adventure, Bullwinkle ended up inside of a house in Utah, and Rocky was nowhere to be found.

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