Rocky and Bullwinkle are on another adventure and this time, it's in Utah. Watch Rocky and Bullwinkle break into a home in Park City, Utah.

Rocky the squirrel and Bullwinkle the moose are known for adventuring into crazy situations. Their adventure in Park City, Utah  was just like that. Somehow, Bullwinkle the moose, ended up inside someone's home. I think he was just hungry and looking for a snack.

Rocky was nowhere to be found, but I have a feeling he made Bullwinkle go in first. Unfortunately, the owner wasn't expecting guests and well, it was a bit rude to just barge in like that.

As the home owner sees the moose standing in his foyer he tells him 'go, go.' And to that, Bullwinkle looks at him and then to Rocky. (Who is probably laughing at him right outside the door.)

The moose then licks his lips because he came in there to get a snack and he's still thinking about it. After a few more 'go, go, go's' Bullwinkle reluctantly and slowly steps out of the home in Utah and into the driveway. Bullwinkle even pauses in the driveway to make absolutely sure that there are no snacks to snag.

Rocky and Bullwinkle take off and it's off to the next adventure.

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