This is so sad and a very important reminder to all of us to be extra vigilant when it comes to never feeding bears and that whether in the wild or outside of your home if you're in bear country...properly disposing of your food.

According to Fox 31, a bear that was recently relocated into the wild turned right back around and made its way back toward Boulder where it had gained access to food but was struck by a car before it could get there.

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Bears are pretty incredible creatures with a memory like a steel trap, especially when it comes to food sources...if they eat someplace they KNOW and remember where it was and will go back to that place...even if it means trekking 24 miles back to that source like this particular bear did.

Bear Travel Map
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife remind everyone to be extra careful and not leave any food scraps out while camping and disposing of your food properly in your neighborhood.

Here is the moment CPW officials released that bear back into the wild...he seemed to be happy to get back to his home area but unfortunately, the lure of a yummy food source brought him back to where it was and it was fatal.

Unfortunately, the bear was hit by a truck on Highway 36 just 11 days after the relocation. The bear had traveled over 20 miles in that time to reach a food source.

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