Do YOU believe? Well, whether you do or not, Colorado is well known for being a hotspot for UFO sightings over the years and while I DO believe there are other lifeforms somewhere out there in the universe, now whether they have these elaborate spaceships that can travel such far distances, that's another story, I'm still kind of on the fence on that one.

I admit that some of the people that report these sightings may be a bit off their rocker and as much as my initial reaction to these videos is to dismiss them and try to come up with something else it could be, some of these are truly both creepy and unexplainable.

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According to the Denver Channel, Colorado is THE hotspot for UFO sightings...

Check out some of these other sightings and see what YOU you believe?

Let's start with the most recent one down in Aurora this past January...

Here's a creepy one that was captured over Denver...seriously though what the heck is that??

Another one above Aurora...this time from last August.

This particular footage was captured down near Colorado Springs in Monument last summer.

This one was captured back in 2019 near Fruita and where Country Jam is currently taking place.

When I think of UFO sightings personally, I don't think of many being spotted above major metropolitan areas like Denver but here we are...with our second sighting above the Mile High City in the past year.

Last but not least, this video that was captured way back in 1995 down in Salida which has appeared on a bunch of shows and featured on many TV specials...super creepy.

If I could add a little recommendation here, if you are into UFO stuff and are in the area or simply want to take a really fun road trip, check out the UFO museum down in Roswell, New Mexico.

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