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No charges will be filed against a Delta County sheriff's deputy in connection with a fatal shooting incident in April.

The news came at a press conference this week when District Attorney Seth Ryan announced that Delta County sheriff's deputy Nolan Davis acted in self-defense when he fired the fatal bullets that killed Paige Pierce of Austin.

What Happened On April 9

The incident occurred on April 9 when Davis attempted to pull Pierce over because her car did not have license plates. According to the district attorney's office, Pierce drove off at a high rate of speed passing several vehicles in a no-passing zone before turning on to Hidden Springs Road, where the pursuit continued on private property.

The body cam video shows Pierce's vehicle approaching the officer who had stepped out of his patrol car. Davis fired several vehicles into the car which came to a stop a short distance later.  The officer can be heard on the video saying "She was about to hit me. I had no choice, Sarge".

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District Attorney Can't Disprove Self-Defense

Ryan said the trajectory of Pierce's vehicle was "fairly straight on toward Deputy Davis until the approximate time he opened fire." Ryan also said Davis continued to fire because he feared she could turn the wheel and hit him with her car. The district attorney said his office cannot disprove self-dense and can't meet the burden of proof that would be necessary to bring criminal charges.

The Montrose Daily Press reports there were protestors outside the Bill Heddles Recreation Center in Delta following the announcement. According to 9 News, the family of Paige Piere is planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the Delta County Sheriff's Office.

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